Luminous Zelio wifi 1100 pure 900va sine wave inverter

  • India’s Most Intelligent Inverter
  • 2 years Replacement Guarantee
  • Pure sine wave inverter by Luminous
  • MCB Protection
  • Smart wifi Connectivity


 Luminous Zelio wifi 1100 pure 900va sine wave inverter is the top-rated inverter series in luminous. Luminous zelio 1100 wifi has an inbuilt feature to connect with your mobile phone through wifi network. If we talk about this Luminous inverter 900va price, then it will be between Rs. 6,500 to Rs. 7,500. This 900va sine wave inverter has low harmonic distortion, which takes care of sensitive devices and provides noiseless operations; if you check, you will get a very good luminous zelio 1100 wifi review from the market. 

No doubt, this 900va sine wave inverter is one of the Best Inverter for homeLuminous Zelio 1100 wifi has an intuitive LCD and smart wifi connectivity through your smartphone.

It also has a 32 bit DSP Processor, making it intelligent for calculating the backup time and optimizing the charging current.

The input mains protection for Zelio 1100 wifi is through MCB instead of fuse protection.   

In case of any fault, this luminous zelio 1100 VA sine wave home ups inverter pure sine wave inverter will bypass the current without any changes in wirings.

This Luminous 900 VA inverter support all kind of batteries such as Tubular battery, Flat plate battery, and VRLA Batteries (SMF batteries).

Luminous Zelio wifi 1100 pure 900va sine wave inverter 

Let’s talk about some Technical Specification of Luminous Zelio wifi 1100 Pure Sine wave inverter :   

Inverter Capacity (VA) = 900 va

Input Voltage Limit = 110v to 285v

Maximum Load Capacity (in Watt) = 756 watt

Charging Current by Inverter = 15 ampere

Inverter Weight (KG) = 10 KG

Inverter Dimension (LxWxH) in cm = 27.5 X 24.8 X 12

Any Protection = Wrong wiring protection, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Low battery, Overload, etc.


General Question Asked about and with Luminous inverter 900va price :

Question: How do I connect my zelio to wifi?

Ans: Luminous Zelio 1100 wifi inverter can connect with your mobile through wifi. To make the connection, you need to push the power button in the inverter for 10 seconds; once it starts blinking, then you need to download the luminous zelio 1100 wifi app into your smartphone. Then, connect your mobile with the zelio inverter as given in the instruction manual.

Question: What is a wifi inverter?

Ans: A wifi inverter is an inverter connecting with your smartphone through an existing wifi network in your home. You can get real-time data from the inverter to analyze the backup time and current load.

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