Luminous RC 15000 120ah Battery Price

  • Luminous RC 15000 120ah battery is Tubular Battery
  • 18 months Replacement Guarantee by company
  • Tough and strong container
  • Very low maintenance product


When we talk about Luminous RC 15000 120ah battery price than it is not very much high, the Luminous 120ah tubular battery price is between Rs 9000 to Rs 10000. The replacement guarantee is of 18 months on this luminous battery 120ah.

The low price and satisfactory ah level in Luminous Red Charge 120ah battery is the preferable battery below 150ah battery segments.

Luminous RC 15000 120ah Battery Price


 Let’s talk about the essential features with Luminous RC 15000 120ah Battery Price :

  • less Maintenance Required
  • low antimony allow used
  • Brilliant quality of tubular plates used
  • excellent overcharge tolerance capacity


Technical Specifications with Luminous RC 15000 120ah battery price:

Normal Voltage = 12 volts

Rated Capacity @ 27 degree = 120ah 

Dimension of Container (LxBxH) = 505 x 220 x 308

Electrolyte Volume = 14 ltr

Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Starting Current) = 12.10

Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Finishing Current) = 6

Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Minimum mA) = 101

Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Maximum mA) = 403

Luminous Battery Dry Weight = 21 KG

Luminous Battery Filled Weight = 38.4 KG

Water Level Indicator in No. = 6


General Question Asked with Luminous 120ah tubular battery price :

Question: What is a 120ah battery?

Ans: 120ah battery means 120 ampere-hours of battery. This is the capacity of the battery, which stores 120ah of current within it. If you are consuming 10 amperes of current from the battery, it will take 12 hrs to empty the battery. However, no battery discharged 100%.

Question: How many Ah battery do I need for home?

Ans: The answer to this question is entirely depends upon the attached load and inverter capacity. You are using a 400-watt load; you must have to buy an inverter to handle the minimum 500-watt load. If the inverter is 12 volt, you should have to choose one single battery for your system. The more ah is there, the more backup you will get. In the case of Luminous RC 15000 120ah battery, it will give about 2 hrs of backup.

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