Luminous Eco watt 1650 XL 1500va Inverter Price – 12v/1200 watt inverter

  • Modified Square wave inverter
  • High Charging current @ 27 ampere
  • Double output socket
  • Operate 1200 watt load on a single battery
  • 2 Years Replacement Guarantee on Luminous 1650 XL Rapid inverter


If we talk about Luminous Eco watt 1650 XL 1500va Inverter Price – 12v/1200 watt inverter, then its slightly higher than any 12v inverter, but it is worth the same because Luminous Eco watt 1650 XL is the only inverter in the industry, which can bear a load of double battery inverter through the single battery. This means Luminous Rapid Charge 1650 XL is a single battery system. This UPS is a 1500va inverter and can handle a huge load. This is only a 1200 watt inverter with a single battery.

Luminous Eco watt 1650 XL 1500va Inverter Price - 12v/1200 watt inverter

If you look at the Luminous Rapid Charge 1650 VA inverter review, you will find that customers are delighted with these ups. This is because Luminous Eco watt 1650 XL and Luminous Eco volt 1550 are specially designed to charge the battery faster than any regular inverter and very good for areas where power cut is very high. 

This 1200va inverter can handle the loads like Steam iron, immersion rods, room heaters, etc. 

That’s why the luminous inverter 1650 VA price is a bit high than any other inverter. This is best inverter for home if you want to run a higher load on a single battery.

Also, Luminous Eco volt 1650 and Eco watt 1650 XL has twice output socket with smart load optimisation feature. This 1200 watt inverter charges the battery with its peak charging current even in a low power supply from the Grid (as low as 95 volts).

The unique Rapid Battery Charge Technology boosts the battery charging up to 60% faster, ensuring the battery charging in no time.


Now, let’s check the Specifications of Luminous Eco watt 1650 XL 1500va Inverter (1200 watt inverter) :   

Inverter Capacity (VA) = 1500 va

Input Voltage Limit = 90v to 290v

Maximum Load Capacity (in Watt) = 1260 watt

Charging Current by Inverter = 27 ampere

Inverter Weight (KG) = 17.7 KG

Inverter Dimension (LxWxH) in cm = 40.2 X 32 X 15

Any Protection = Battery Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, Low Battery, Overload, etc.


General Question Asked about Luminous Eco watt 1650 XL 1500va Inverter (1200 watt inverter) Rapid:

Question: Which wave inverter is best?

Ans: Generally, there are two types of inverters. Sine wave and Square wave. Square wave inverter gives the output signal in square form, while the Sinewave gives in the same format, as we are getting through our standard grid power. Hence, Sine wave is better because they are noiseless and provides uninterrupted power supply to our load.

Question: Does inverter increase electricity bill?

Ans: If you are thinking that you can save electricity bills by using an inverter battery, then you should have to think once again. Inverter batteries are meant for power backup, not for power saving. Whatever electricity you are using through inverter and battery is taken by your power grid only. The inverter uses grid power to charge the battery, which you are using as a backup. So, whenever you want to save electricity, then go for Solar.

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