Luminous Battery 180ah Price – ILTT 24060 (Tubular)

  • Luminous 24060 Tall Tubular Battery 180ah
  • 3 years Replacement Guarantee
  • Rugged Container
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Life


Luminous Battery 180ah Price ILTT 24060 is a trendy and robust battery in its segment. In the 180ah Battery segment, luminous has two different models:

  1. Luminous Inverlast ILTT 24060 (3 years Guarantee)
  2. Luminous Inverlast RC 24000 (18 months Guarantee)

The main difference between these both models is of warranty. Luminous 180ah battery price is much higher than Luminous Red Charge 24000. The warranty on Luminous ILTT 24060 is 3 years, while in the Red charge model, it’s 18 months only.


The dimension of the product is 50.2 x 44 x 19.1 cm. The weight of the Luminous ILTT 24060 is nearly 53 kgs. 

Luminous 180ah battery 24060 is a Tall Tubular battery with excellent quality of plates inbuilt within it. Compare to other competitors, Luminous 180ah battery price is not very competitive and has many inbuilt features.

Luminous Battery 180ah Price - ILTT 24060


Features of Luminous Inverter Battery 180ah:

  1. Very high Purity with Corrosion resistance composition.
  2. Ensuring a much better and longer life of the battery.
  3. Substantial container with the oxidation-resistant gauntlet.
  4. Better Charge acceptance.
  5. Recyclable

Luminous batteries are one of the best in the market and have the best service across India. The backup is also good with the best performance. To maintain a Luminous 180ah battery, a regular top-up of water is essential.

Luminous 180ah battery price and technical specifications:

Normal Voltage = 12 volts

Rated Capacity @ 27 degree = 180ah 

Dimension of Container (LxBxH) = 502 x 191 x 440

Electrolyte Volume = 20.60 ltr

Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Starting Current) = 18.10

Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Finishing Current) = 9.10

Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Minimum mA) = 151

Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Maximum mA) = 605

Luminous Battery Dry Weight = 34.4 KG

Luminous Battery Filled Weight = 60 KG

Water Level Indicator in No. = 6

General Question Asked about Luminous Battery 180ah Price related :

Question: Which inverter is best for 180ah battery?

Ans: For 180ah Battery, you can prefer any 12 volt inverter with fast charging ampere. Rapid charging inverters gives accelerated charging ampere and charges the battery in less time.

Question: Which Battery is best for Luminous Inverter?

Ans: It’s always preferable to opt for luminous batteries for luminous inverters because they are compatible and will give better results. However, you can use other batteries too but you must have to keep in mind that for two different companies, you have to focus on the service from two different places.


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