Luminous 200ah Battery Price – RC 25000 (Tubular)

  • RC 25000 200ah Battery 
  • Guarantee: 18 months + 18 months
  • Tall Tubular Battery
  • High-Quality plates used
  • Less Maintenance Battery
  • Excellent Tolerance of Overcharging



 Now use Luminous 200ah Battery Price – RC 25000 Tubular Battery for all your home use and get power supply all day and night.

 LUMINOUS RedCharge RC 25000 Battery 200 ampere is an excellent inverter battery for all kinds of uses. It is made up of advanced tubular plate technology, which always ensures an uninterrupted power supply. It is managed to deliver better power and higher efficiency while maximising battery life. This 200ah inverter battery for Home need is produced to perform brilliantly even with heavy-duty operations. It needed low maintenance as it is manufactured to be long-lasting for Indian situations. Luminous 200ah inverter battery is competent to withstand long and regular power cuts.

Luminous 200ah Battery Price - RC 25000
Excellent overcharge tolerance Luminous Battery 200ah Price – RC 25000 and Features :

  • Product type: 200ah tall tubular inverter battery that provides several years of service; making: rugged construction and have water level indicators: six 
  • Due to Low antimony alloy used in this product, it requires low maintenance.
  • Thick tubular plates provide several years of service.
  •  Battery Dimensions (l x w x h): 502 x 191 x 440  
  •  Dry weight: 34.3kg; 
  •  filled battery weight : 59 kg 
  •  Charging current output: In boost mode, the starting current is: 20.20; In boost mode, the finishing current: 10.10; 
  • Battery voltage: 12v as rated capacity at room temperature, i.e., 27 degrees for 200 ah inverter battery.
  •  The electrolyte volume is 19.90 ltr, and for safety, it has overload protection with auto-reset. 
  •  Charging details: express battery charging, including adaptive control technology of battery charging.
  •  Product Efficiency: Luminous Battery 200ah RC25000 is an extremely efficient battery that is perfect for heavy-duty application and great overcharge tolerance, excellent performance during high and regular power cuts with barely minimum maintenance.

Luminous RC25000 Battery is the cheapest model in 200ah Battery segment. Due to cost saving, this battery is in huge demand.

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