Luminous 110ah Battery Price – Shakti Charge (SC 12054)

  • Luminous Shakti Charge 110ah battery SC 12054 is a tubular battery
  • 3 years Replacement Guarantee
  • Regges container


  • If we talk about Luminous 110ah Battery Price – SC 12054, it will be between Rs 10,000 and Rs 11,000. Luminous battery 110ah price Shakti Charge 12054 has 36 months replacement guarantee. The Shakti Charge series is meant for more extended backup and service life. The design of this battery has been made from thick plates.Luminous RC 15000 120ah Battery Price    The key features with luminous 110ah battery price:
    • Corrosion-resistant property and spine alloy composition. It gives a better and longer life to the battery.
    • Better charge acceptance through 110ah battery.
    • Oxidation resistant gauntlet is flexible and extra intense, though which, it gets a longer life.Luminous Shakti Charge SC 12054 110ah Battery Technical Specifications:

      Normal Voltage = 12 volts

      Rated Capacity @ 27 degree = 110ah 

      Dimension of Container (LxBxH) = 502 x 191 x 377

      Electrolyte Volume = 17.50 ltr

      Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Starting Current) = 11.10

      Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Finishing Current) = 5.5

      Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Minimum mA) = 92

      Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Maximum mA) = 370

      Luminous Battery Dry Weight = 22.6 KG

      Luminous Battery Filled Weight = 44.3 KG

      Water Level Indicator in No. = 6

      General Question Asked about and with Luminous 110ah battery price – SC 12054 :

      Question: Are luminous batteries good?

      Ans: Yes, Luminous batteries are good and very much reliable in the market. Luminous has the highest number of product selections. Luminous is now a market leader in the Solar industry. You can buy any luminous battery as per your requirements.

      Question: Which battery is better tubular or flat?

      Ans: Tubular battery is better than Flat plate batteries because tubular has bigger and thicker plates suitable for long backup. Flat plate tubular are useful, but the trend of tubular batteries is more nowadays.

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