How Effective Solar Panels for Home Work?

How Effective Solar Panels for Home Work?

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This is one of the most common question, which people ask from us regarding the Solar Panels for Home. Before deep diving into the topic, it’s better to know the most basic question, which is “How Solar Panels work”. After knowing the answer of the given query, we can analyse the solution of the main question which is “How Solar Panels for Home Work”.

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Generally, there are Three Types of Solar Panels :

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  2. Polycrystalline Solar Panel
  3. Thin Film Solar Cells Panel.

As Monocrystalline Solar Panel derived from the single crystal Silicon and has very good Efficiency. They have smooth texture and anyone can be able to see the thickness of the slice easily. However, they are slightly costly to produce. Hence, they are mostly meant for bigger projects, where high efficiency is needed at lower installation space.

Solar Panels for Home - Mono crystalline

In the second type of PV Module, we can see the Polycrystalline Solar Panel, which effectively cuts from a large block of silicon. It’s a Mix silicon product and not very expensive to produce. The Monocrystalline Solar Panels Prices are not very much high and it’s in the budget of common man.  The cost of solar panels completely depends upon the number of cells given in the PV Module.

Poly Crystalline Solar Panels

Finally, there is a 3rd type of Solar Panel system, which is thin film solar cells panel or we can call it as Flexible Solar Panels. These are the panels, which are very much costly and have less efficiency. But it is flexible and can be able to use anywhere.

Thin Film solar Panels

So, if we talk about “how Solar Panel Work”, than it simply converts Light Energy into electrical Energy. Solar panels consist of small cells, whose electrons gets excited, whenever solar light coming from the sun is falling on its surface. We can further collect this produces solar power either to charge our Battery backup system or can be able to use this electricity directly.

Various Type of Solar Panels for home:

  1. Grid Connected or On Grid Solar System 

In simple words, Grid connected Solar System are those system, which are directly connected through the grid. On Grid System don’t have Battery backup support. However, anyone can sell this electricity to the local power house authority, if they are producing the excess solar power.

Grid Tied Solar Panels

  1. Off Grid Solar System

Off grid system doesn’t connected to the grid and have power backup facility. Selling Electricity to government is not possible in this type of system. However, it gives the backup power during the night time, which is very much effective.

Off Grid Solar Panels

There are so many companies, which provide Solar panels for home Solution under single roof. Such as Luminous Solar, Microtek Solar, Exide Solar etc.

You can also refer to the video for more details regarding Solar Panels:

 Here are the few solar panels for home available in the local Market:

Luminous Solar panels for home:

 It consists of Luminous Solar Inverter which is generally a Sine wave inverter, Luminous Solar Panel, which is best in efficiency in the market and finally Luminous Solar battery, which comes with 5 years replacement guarantee. They are the good options for Solar Panels for home.

Exide Solar:

Exide solar batteries are very much popular in the market and has good life. Their build-up quality is also good. Exide Solar Inverter and Exide Solar Panel are not very old in the market but still sells a quality products.

Few Best Solar Panels in India:

Best Solar Combos in the market:

Solar System as per Kilowatt (KW):

Few FAQ’s related to solar, which everyone must have to know:

How Solar Panels for Home work?

If we talk about household solar system, than it’s important to understand the type of solar system required for your house. If its an Off grid system, than you can use it even in night time, due to battery backup support system. It is meant for places, where the power cut off is more. If you want to save your electricity bill and has less or no power cut, than on grid system is best.

How many solar panels are required for home based solar system?

You can calculate the solar panels as per your power requirement. If you need 1 KW system than you must have to attach atleast 1000 watt of Solar Panels. For example: If you buy luminous 325 watt Solar Panel than you need 3 panels. Similarly, for luminous 165 watt solar plate, you need 6 Plates and for 105 watt solar plate, You need total 9 Solar Panels.

Which are the Best Solar Panels in India?

There are many companies in India, who manufactures solar panels. But if we talk about quality and efficiency, than Luminous Solar, Vikram Solar and Tata Solar Plates are best in the market.

What is the cost of Solar Panels?

Solar Panels cost are always derived from per watt rate. However, common rate for good quality Solar Plate is start from Rs.25 ($0.32) to Rs.30 ($0.37) per watt in India. Also, the prices are depending upon type of solar panels (Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline solar panel).

How much subsidy will i get through solar Panels?

Since the government is amazingly promoting the Solar installation in India with so many lucrative solar schemes. Hence, you can either solar online apply for various solar schemes by government or check the Solar Urja Price and compare it. Example – Solar installation in Solar Rooftop bihar, you can check various solar yojna in bihar under the the BREDA website and apply for the scheme related to solar panel subsidy in bihar as per bihar government rule.

Solar Energy Advantages and Disadvantages

  • 1. Solar Energy Saves Electricity.

2. Solar Energy increases the life of the system.

  • 3. Solar Energy is a Pollution Free Solution.
  • 4. Government is focusing more on Solar Energy.
  • 5. Best option for remote places.
  • Disadvantages
    • 1. One time high costing.
    • 2. Depends upon sun. If you have battery backup, then this will not be a problem.
    • 3. Needed space for installation.

    Top 10 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India in 2021 :

    1. Vikram Solar Limited
    2. Luminous Solar
    3. Tata Power Solar
    4. Waaree Solar
    5. Microtek Solar
    6. Loom Solar
    7. UTL Solar
    8. Exide Solar
    9. Emmvee Solar Systems pvt ltd
    10. Saatvik Green Energy


    Hence, if you want to buy or have curiosity to know about How Solar Panels for Home work, than you can either refer to the above given links. For any installation related suggestions and Idea related to How Solar Panel Work, don’t forget to subscribe us in Youtube Channel.