Luminous Battery 220ah Price – ILTT 26060 (Tubular)

  • Voltage : 12v Battery
  • Tall Tubular
  • Rugged Structure
  • Package Inclusions: Luminous ILTT 26060 220ah Battery + Warranty card
  • dimension (l x w x h): 502mm x 191mm x 440 mm
  • Warranty: 3 + 2 years



Luminous Battery 220ah Price ILTT 26060 (Tubular) details:

It is the highest selling model of luminous Company. Now, you can bring the Luminous Batteries and enjoy an uninterrupted power supply.

If we talk about Luminous 220ah Battery, then it better than their nearest competitors. Luminous Battery 220ah Price – ILTT 26060 is a new generation battery for domestic use, designed to provide extended backup during power cuts. This brilliant technological advanced battery is specially made up of thick cells, which gives a 30% better output than any regular battery. Luminous 220ah battery can also withstand overcharge adequately. Due to its various features, this battery is in high demand in the market.

Luminous Battery 220ah Price - ILTT 26060

Essential Features of Luminous 220ah battery price :   

  • Remarkably extraordinary purity.
  • Corrosion-resistant established spine alloy construction ensures a more extended battery life.
  • Tubular plate arrangement ensures consistent distribution of active material for an incredibly long life 
  • Excellent performance with great backup
  • Extra-strong Structure
  • flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for more extraordinary performance 
  • long life sustainability of Luminous 220ah ILTT 26060 battery
  • Plates are made explicitly for more charge acceptance

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Lets talk about the Basic features of Luminous Battery 220ah:

  • Nominal voltage: 12v; rated capacity at 27-degree celsius: for 220 ah
  • Battery type: This tall tubular battery for inverter that provides multiple years of support.
  • Construction: Rugged structure water level indicator : 6
  • Package Includes: tall tubular battery plate  for home inverter along with instruction manual & warranty card.
  • Container dimension (l x w x h): 502mm x 191mm x 440 mm
  • Electrolyte volume: 17.40 liter
  • boost mode starting current: 22.20; boost mode finishing current: 11.10 [trickle mode] min: 185.0 ma; max: 739 ma
  • Dry battery weight: 42.0kg; filled battery weight: 63.6 kg
  • Battery Warranty: 60 months on manufacturing defects. However, company is providing 3 years of replacement guarantee along with 2 years warranty on pro-data basis.



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