Luminous 150ah Tall Tubular Battery – ILTT 18048N

  • Luminous 18048N is Tall Tubular Battery
  • Flat 36 months Replacement Guarantee
  • Best Performance and high Backup
  • Thick Plate Technology


 If we talk about Luminous 150ah Tall Tubular Battery Price – ILTT 18048N, it is near about Rs.13,500.Luminous ILTT 18048 150ah battery is part of the Inverlast segment of Luminous. This 150ah battery has a flat replacement guarantee of three years and has an excellent market reputation.

Luminous 150ah Tall Tubular Battery Price - ILTT 18048N 

 Let’s talk about the essential features with luminous 150ah battery price – ILTT 18048N :

  • Powerful battery with flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet technology for ultimate performance.
  • High purity and spine alloy composition in the battery
  • Plates are made up in such a way so that they can accept the better charge.
  • Thick tubular plates to ensure better and longer backup.

Luminous 150ah tall tubular battery 150ah price – ILTT 18048N Technical Specifications:

Normal Voltage = 12 volts

Rated Capacity @ 27 degree = 150ah 

Dimension of Container (LxBxH) = 502 x 191 x 440

Electrolyte Volume = 20.20 ltr

Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Starting Current) = 15.1

Charging Amp in Boost Mode (Finishing Current) = 7.60

Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Minimum mA) = 126

Charging Amp in Trickle Mode (Maximum mA) = 504

Luminous Battery Dry Weight = 29.7 KG

Luminous Battery Filled Weight = 54.7 KG

Water Level Indicator in No. = 6

General Question Asked about 150ah battery and with Luminous ILTT 18048N price :

Question: Which inverter battery is best for a home?

Ans: This will depend upon your personal need. You can choose the inverter as per your load and battery as per the desired backup. It’s better to select the inverter and batteries of the same company. Don’t forget to buy only those inverter batteries whose service is available in your local market.

Question: What is 150ah in battery?

Ans: 150ah battery means 150-ampere hour. This means the container has 150 ampere-hours of current stored within it, and you can utilize it for your power need. The more ampere your fetch, the faster battery will drain.

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